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Spring Season
Kayak Guided Tours of Chilhowee and Tellico Lake..

Kayak Sailing in the Smokies 

New for this season is the use of trimaran sailyaks for those looking for something completely different.  These stable and fast kayaks will be available for one on one lessons.  

Kayak Tours
Lake kayaking, with boat lengths of twelve feet or more, are designed for open water paddling and certainly not to be confused with its whitewater cousins.  Touring-style kayaking has found an ideal habitat on the lakes of east Tennessee, and while not the only way to experience the smokies' lakes, kayaking is without a doubt one of the best and frankly, our favorite. Quiet and unobtrusive to wildlife, it is a great way to see things "up close and personal". Smoky Mountain Kayaking tours are an excellent introduction to kayaking and the wide variety of lakes throughout the Smokies.
No Experience Needed!! 
The lakes and rivers of the Smokies are a very unique, yet dynamic and diverse systems. This wild environment changes daily with the changing weather, stages of the moon, water levels, and the different seasons.
Our guides at Smoky Mountain Kayaking have a pulse on these ever changing dynamics and have chosen to live and work in the area as a way of life and a passion..
What better way to spend your time in the Smokies. Your adventure includes Kayak, Paddle, dry bags, Personal Flotation Device (PFD), an experienced guide, and all the scenery your eyes can handle!
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