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On The Water
Hey Folks,
On a serious note... Thousands of service members are coming home only to begin another battle with physical and emotional disabilities from the results of war.  As a veteran from the 2003 Iraqi Freedom Operations and most recently, two years deployed to Afghanistan, I've served with many men and women who left the battlefields to begin a different life as a disabled veteran.  You just cannot imagine what these brave young men and women are having to go through with multiple surgeries, daily rehab, therapy, let alone trying to reintegrate back into civilian life with their families.
                                                                                               Heroes on the Water has had some great unexpected results to the lives of many soldiers.  While getting these soldiers out of the hospital environment for a day was the first objective, the unexpected outcome has been seeing these Heroes leaving with the feeling of independence, accomplishment, and real sense of happiness...something that is certainly lacking considering their situation.
Unfortunately, there are thousands of these service members and only a small but growing number of volunteers and donors working hard to make this program available to all. Please donate what you can, even one dollar can make a big difference in our ability to provide lodging, equipment, meals, and transportation. Make that commitment to them right now!  Please visit on how to get involved.
Thanks and God Bless,
Tony Barbarette - Tennessee Chapter Coordinator
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