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Paddle Where The Buffalo Roam!
A true natural event that occurs each year in the streams of the tail waters of Tellico Lake.  These are the waters of the Smallmouth Buffalo-fish (deep-bodied fish of the sucker family) which make their annual spawning runs to the knee-deep clear waters of Citico Creek every April. Commonly inhabiting big rivers and reservoirs, buffalo grow quite large to be in the five to 15 pound range. 
Buffalo begin to gather in the
lower section of the creek starting in early April. Hundreds, and soon thousands, of big bluish-black fish fill the lowermost pools. It’s been estimated that 50,000 fish will migrate to the area and when the water temperature, flow rate and day length is just right, the run begins! The run lasts for several days, and then they all disappear back into the depths of Tellico Reservoir. The Cherokee Indians and their distant ancestors depended on the spring sucker runs for protein following a long, hard winter. Archaeological evidence dating back to the late Archaic Period (2,000 B.C.) includes funnel-shaped fish traps, or weirs, constructed of rocks; notched pebbles used as sinkers on fishing nets; and fire-cracked rocks where Indians cooked their catch along the river bank.  Does watching this phenomena sound like a fun way to spend 3+ hours? Give us a call.
Cost: $50
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